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Dec 5, 2012 7:00am EST
business where there is an issue with energy intensive industry the government announced the intention to exempt energy intensive industries from the cost of contract, differences and electricity market reform. that is subject to state aid clarence and further consultation but shows this government is working hard to help those industries and make sure they compete and succeed in britain. >> eleanor weighing. >> the house joined with the prime minister in congratulating the duke and duchess of cambridge done a good news. will promise to confirm the commonwealth heads up last agreed to change the rules on extension and bring before the house a bill very soon so that she can follow in the footsteps of her much love great-grandmother? and become our queen? >> very grateful to my hon. friend for her question. i can answer positively on all the points she made. at the third commonwealth conference i chaired a meeting of all prime ministers of different realms and agree we should bring forward legislation to deal with this issue. all of the roles have agreed to do that. we will be
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am EST
not, why not? >> we are making serious investments in renewable energy. we've set out a regime of subsidy that stretches right out to 2017 and beyond. and that's why the renewable energy capacity of this country has doubled over the last two years under this government. >> will my right honorable friend agree with me and that not only has discovered how to do with the catastrophic budget deficit which will we inherited from the former prime minister, but also as the figures revealed today, a tidal wave of immigration deliberately fostered by the labour government and the concentrate on putting these two on the most important facing this government for the delivery of sigir of the people of this country? >> i think my right honorable friend makes an important point which is that immigration was out of control under the last government. net migration ran over 200,000 a year. that is 2 million across a decade. under the control we put in place, net integration has fallen by a quarter in recent years. but it think what is interesting about it is you can have proper control of immigrat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2